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I LADYキャンペーン

What is the I LADY. campaign?

I LADYキャンペーンについて詳細はこちらThe international NGO UNICEF, through the I LADY. campaign, is conducting activities spreading the knowledge on reproductive and health rights to women around the world.

※Reproductive and health rights are the rights of women to make their own decisions concerning their physical, mental and social health, whether they will give birth, when, how, and so on.

Lactoferrin Lab.
fully supports White Ribbon's
"MOM meets MOM" project.

MOM meets MOMプロジェクト

What is the Mom meets Mom project?

White Ribbon's goal is to protect mothers worldwide. In order to increase support and knowledge, mothers around the world have the change to connect with mothers and future mothers in developing countries, experiencing their troubles and establishing connections. A simple wish for a big project.

Can you learn what's beyond the ocean with just what it's in front your eyes? Take with us a step to widen your world.

Project report

2014年12月The maternal and child health center
"Milky House", completed in Tanzania.

Milky House, protecting mothers and babies in Tanzania.In Tanzania, where there are local clinics that do not have a delivery table, many pregnant women choose to give birth at home because of that lack of facilities. Without medical knowledge and insufficient disinfection, the reality is the constant lost of lives.
The maternal and child health center building is not only a place for rest and hospitalization of pregnant women before and after childbirth, but also a place where women can consult about family plans and sexually transmitted diseases.
Located near Shinyanga, Tanzania, it was a village clinic which had about 1 birth every day. With old walls and falling ceilings, instead of a renovation a newly built building was necessary.

Previous Maternal and child health facilities
Previous Maternal and child health facilties in Tanzania.
Situation on corridor and rooms of maternal and child facilities in Tanzania.

Therefore, in December 2014, a new maternal and child health center, the so-called "Milky House", was completed with donations of the sales of Lactoferrin Lab. over the course of four years.

At the "Milky House", the delivery rooms are complemented with waiting room, vaccination room, family planning lecture room, post-natal rest room, shower room, flushable toilets and so on.
Also, rooms that had wooden windows that would make it dark when closed, where changed to glass windows, brightening the room. A rare, unusual sight in the area. Many people ended up looking at the building and saying "With windows like that, I would love to give birth there!".

Unicef, complementing medical equipment, with educational activities on the importance of giving birth in clinics.

Unicef is supporting activities for women who are pregnant and giving birth in Tanzania since March 2011.Unicef supports activities for women who are pregnant and giving birth in Tanzania since March 2011. Apart from helping improve facilities so that childbirth can occur safely, they have advanced in the promotion of family planning and correct education in pregnancy and childbirth.
The education and nurture of health staff and community health workers (CBSP) is vital to explain the importance of giving birth in a clinic, and not at your own home.
Education is not only important for pregnant women but also to their husbands, so lecture halls were set up in Milky House for everyone.

2015年6月Atsuko Douchin visits Tanzania
Mothers and children building the Milky House - Construction ceremony

Unicef ambassador Atsuko Douchin.Unicef ambassador Atsuko Douchin
Active as a model, mother of 5 children.
With interest in African women's situation and Unicef's activities, she supports several activities as one of the female leaders behind the White Ribbon campaign protecting pregnant women.

The new maternal and child health center "Milky House" was painted together with the villagers, creating a feeling of affection and responsibility for a facility they have built together. In the completion ceremony, nearly 500 villagers gathered, welcoming the Japanese staff and gifting a cow as a donation.

In a sort of interview, Unicef's ambassador Atsuko Douchin, who is also qualified as a birth attendant advisor, held a session explaining the process of pregnancy and childbirth to the villagers.

In Tanzania, due to the raise in unwanted pregnancy and HIV/AIDS, Unicef is supporting youth projects where young educators who received training will teach about sex and unplanned pregnancy through skits and talks.

Atsuko Douchin's comment after the visit

Unicef ambassador Atsuko Douchin helped us to connect with local mothers.Although Tanzania is in a dificult situation, when I actually talked with mothers about their lives, I though that there was no difference with a Japanese one.
That is exactly why we must help them with any support we can. In order to gift our future children with a good society, I think that we must improve the environment and situation of the whole world.
So for me, participating in Unicef activities and raising children are the same thing.

Lactoferrin Lab. supports the
activities of White Ribbon, protecting the life
of babies and mothers in developing countries.

Lactoferrin Lab. Supports the activities of White Ribbon, protecting the life of babies and mothers in developing countries.

About 800 women lose their lives on a daily basis worldwide due to pregnancy/childbirth

Every day around the world, about 800 women lose their lives to complications from pregnancy and childbirth. 99% of them were living in developing countries, where 90% died due to preventable causes.

A portion of the sales of Lactoferrin Lab. are donated to the JOICFP, an international non-profit that manages the White Ribbon office in Japan.

What is White Ribbon?

White Ribbon works to save the lives of mothers and babies in developing countries.Women in developing countries get pregnant and give birth like any other women, but to do so they have to overcome many problems and a high mortality rate.
Even today, many women lose their lives due to pregnancy and childbirth, and in many ways, dreams and futures are deprived.
Malnourishment and malnutrition, poor hygiene, lack of knowledgeable midwives, lack of health care services, unexplored villages, old customs...
In 1999, the White Ribbon Alliance (WRA) was established to save the lives of mothers and babies in developing countries.
Today, organizations and individuals in more than 150 countries are gathered under White Ribbon creating a safer world for mothers during pregnancy and childbirth.

A company that connects life, protects life

いのちをつなぐSARAYAFrom its foundation in 1971, SARAYA has strived towards a future where there is harmony between nature and society, creating eco-friendly products that are gentle to the environment, like the Yashinomi detergent.
We are involved in a variety of social activities such as the production of sustainable palm oil obtained from Borneo, Malaysia, and the ""Wash a Million Hands"" project in Africa, saving the lives of children by teaching and providing correct hand washing.

Saraya is actively engaged in contributing socially in
pursuit of a future where people and nature are in harmony

Wash a Million Hands Project

We support UNICEF's handwashing promotion campaign in Uganda by donating 1% of sales(※) of consumer hand hygiene products


Around 8.8 million children lose their lives each year in developing countries, where as many as 1 million would be safe by properly washing their hands with soap.
As Saraya started with hand washing, when you purchase sanitary products such as medicated hand soap, 1% of sales will be donated to UNICEF, and activities will be devoted to help hand wash promotion, saving children's lives in Uganda and Africa.

※Based on the manufacturer's shipping sales


Borneo Conservation Trust

We support Borneo Conservation Trust by donating 1% of Yashinomi series sales(※)

Yashinomi supports the Borneo Conservation Trust.

The Borneo Conservation Trust (BCT) is an environmental conservation organization formed in Sabah, Malaysia. Through this program the BCT is able to purchase lands along the rainforest rivers to allow the local wildlife a safe route to travel from one conservation area to another.

※Based on the manufacturer's shipping sales


Supporting the Save The Children

We support Save The Children by donating part of sales of Arau series product

arau. Sales support Save The Children.Through Save the Children Japan, we support creating a new environment in Uganda, Africa.
We support children's dreams and smiles around the world.


Supporting the Blue Circle

Lakanto S supports the Blue Circle movement to combat diabetes

Lakanto supports the Blue Circle, combating diabetes.In 2006, the United Nations recognized diabetes as second-largest chronic disease after AIDS and a threat to people all over the world. SARAYA supports the Blue Circle Movement adopted by the United Nations and promoted by the International Diabetes Association. We are working to prevent diabetes and share knowledge around the world.