What is
Lactoferrin Lab?

Lactoferrin Lab. SARAYA's cosmetic brand with lactoferrin.

The feelings behind the Lactoferrin Lab. logo

Lactoferrin Lab. logoLactoferrin is an essential ingredient which is the first gift mothers give to their babies, boosting their immune system.
The Lactoferrin Lab logo represents a mother and child facing each other, expressing the love bond between them.
Lactoferrin Lab has taken the commitment of protecting babies and mothers' lives in developing countries through the support to White Ribbon.


Lactoferrin Lab' is skin technology born
with lactoferrin research

The anti-aging care effect hidden in "lactoferrin"(※1)

The anti-aging care effect hidden in 'lactoferrin'.Saraya, as a pharmaceutical manufacturer who has been working for many years in infection prevention, has been at the frontier of research on the immunisation ingredient "lactoferrin".
Through our research, we found Lactoferrin to have remarkable anti-aging effects.(※2)
After multiple experiment searching for real skin beauty, and thanks to our developed technology, the best skin-care cosmetic, Lactoferrin Lab., was created.

Although with age the skin gets weaker and other problems may appear, the power to bring out its original beauty is just sleeping underneath. Lactoferrin Lab unleashes that power and leads you again to a bouncy, elastic, moisturized skin.

※1) Ingredient for elasticity.
※2) Skin care according to age.

Lactoferrin, the new skin beauty formulation

A rare immunity ingredient present in the colostrum and amniotic fluid

ピンクの天然色をもつ、生ラクトフェリンLactoferrin is deeply connected with life as an important immune component present in mammals, including humans. It can be found naturally in places in contact with our environment, such as tears and nasal mucosa, protecting us from external stimuli.
It is especially present in the first milk, or colostrum, in oder to protect the baby's low resistance at birth, one of the reasons why babies drinking breast milk are harder to get sick. Even then, it is a very rare ingredient that only represents about 0.2g per liter of milk.
Lactoferrin can also be found in the amniotic fluid that protects a fetus, proof that is a component that helps your skin even before you are born.
Even as adults, our skin craves the touch of lactoferrin again.

Gaining attention for its benefits as an anti-aging skin-care(※2)

Lactoferrin is gaining attention for its benefits as an anti-aging skin-care.Although with such minuscule amounts it power varies, researches about its use in health and beauty are progressing rapidly in recent years. In particular, the expectation as an anti-aging skin-care (※2) are high, and it is attracting attention as a key ingredient to solving age-specific problems.

※ 2) Skin care according to age.

Lactoferrin, bringing out the power of your skin

SARAYA Lactoferrin Laboratory

'SARAYA Lactoferrin Laboratory' pursued and discovered the excellent power of lactoferrin when applied to the skin.While drinking lactoferrin was gathering an increase in attention, "SARAYA Lactoferrin Laboratory" pursued and discovered the excellent power of lactoferrin when applied to the skin.
Presented at international conferences and thinner of several awards, we are highly regarded for our research on the potential of lactoferrin as a daily-use skin solution.

Lab proved Reaches the deep layers of your skin. (※3) Elasticity rised up from the inside!Improves the creation of collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid.

As a result of years of research at the SARAYA Lactoferrin Laboratory, we discovered that lactoferrin activates metabolism and thus has the power to promote the production of these components.

※3) stratum corneum

When your skin is not

When your skin is not "tense", wrinkles appear


Lactoferrin activates your metabolism!

Lactoferrin activates your metabolism!


A skin that is

A skin that is "tense", with no wrinkles!


An increase of 160% in collagen, 170% in elastin, and 350% in hyaluronic acid.

Collagen content in lactoferrin is up a 160%The amount of hyaluronic acid with lactoferrin is up to 350%Elastin content with lactoferrin is up a 170%

Although it is often thought that it is possible to increase skin elasticity (or skin firmness) with big amounts of collagen, if the amount of collagen is not mached by the amount of elastin, the elasticity of the skin will not be kept.
In order for collagen to be able to improve your skin, elastin is indispensable since its the one that tightens out that elasticity in the fibers of your skin.

Even if there is abundance of collagen, if elastin is loose, skin elasticity will be down.

Even if there is abundance of collagen, if elastin is loose, skin elasticity will be down.


Elastin bundles the collagen fibers of the skin, bringing the elasticity UP!

Elastin bundles the collagen fibers of the skin, bringing the elasticity UP!

Doctors are also paying attention to Lactoferrin

立川クリニック 皮膚科医 山本由美先生It is good to focus on the power of lactoferrin.
While still respecting Saraya's unique skin-friendly philosophy of 'non-additive & natural', it leaves your skin springy and firm.
I personally like the beautiful moisture effect it has and the natural fragrance of natural Damask Rose. Lactoferrin Lab. is a lactoferrin cosmetic that I can recommend with confidence.

Commitment and technology of "Lactoferrin Lab"
Not only what you see. Skin elasticity that overflows from the inside

The 6 key points behind Lactoferrin

Lactoferrin, the new beauty ingredient mixed with a unique concentration in skin research.
35 different components, with Lactoferrin as the main key ingredient, bring out your inner beauty to make your skin moist, firm, and elastic.

6 key points behind Lactoferrin Lab. permit you to have a skin that glows from the inside.

Lactoferrin, a unique formulation based on skin research

Lactoferrin, a unique formulation based on skin research.After years of experimentation and verification we have achieved a unique formulation with lactoferrin that brings out the tighteness, elasticity, moisture and gloss of your beautiful skin.
We succeeded in creating a highly concentrated lactoferrin formulation(※4), where the usual heat and degradation problems were solved.

※4) Compared to our company's products

Penetration capability is improved with our capsule technology!~ Delivering skin beautification ingredients to every corner ~

Saraya's Soforo increase the penetration of lactoferrin into your skin.An increase penetration by adding 100% plant-derived penetrating ingredients(※5) derived from natural yeast.
The penetrating capsule encloses lactoferrin and other cosmetic ingredients and delivers it to the deep skin, enhancing the moisture effect.

Soforo. Saraya's biosurfactant through fermentation.
※Penetration to the stratum corneum
※5) Component which supports penetration : Hydrolyzed Palm Sophorolipids

A combination of three micro-osmotic moisturizing components

Lactoferrin deeply penetrates into your skin.Cosmetic ingredients hardly penetrate into the skin. But by using "Collagen", "Hyaluronic acid" and "Elastin", micro-osmotic moisturizing ingredients, we can bring back the elasticity of the skin form the inside.

A water-soluble collagen blend, a high moisturizing effect!

Water-soluble collagen is the best to keep the moisture on your skin.
By dissolving water-soluble collagen at low temperatures, we get a high moisturizing effect without breaking the helical structure of collagen.

Containing moisture protecting ingredients, amino acids and ceramide

By combining 20 kinds of amino acids, 4 kinds of ceramides, and natural moisturizing ingredient, Lactoferrin Lab. supports the moisture of your skin.The outer layer of the skin has the ability to produce a chemical protective coat called Natural Moisturizing Factor (NMF) that protects the skin from drying, keeping moisture for long periods of time.
By combining 20 kinds of amino acids, 4 kinds of ceramides, and natural moisturizing ingredient, we can support the natural moisture of the skin.

100% natural Damask rose that enhances your feminine side

Saraya is certified by the Aroma Environment Association of Japan (AEAJ). Sachiko Hayawaka, Japan Aromatherapy Association.Based on the finest Damask roses, Lactoferrin Lab. is created with carefully selected highly refined essential oils that bring out your feminine side. Daily skincare for a relaxing time that with a fine fragrance enriches even your heart.

The Damask rose, queen of essential oils

Lactoferrin uses the highest level Damask Roses grown in Bulgaria.Uses the highest level Damask Roses grown in Bulgaria.
With a moisturizing and tightening effect on the skin, it is called the queen of essential oils, where you can only obtain 1 drop of oil for every 50 roses.




Rose geranium





With no additives and a natural formula, to avoid any damage of the skin

"Lactoferrin Lab" gets rid of anything that could damage your skin, containing no synthetic coloring, synthetic perfume, paraben, alcohol, or petroleum-based surfactants.
A natural formula and with just natural yeasts and essential oils.