Why does SARAYA
produce cosmetics?

Lactoferrin Lab. SARAYA's cosmetic brand with lactoferrin.

Lactoferrin Lab. Ingredients that enhance your immune system and skin barrier, born from leading-edge infection prevention research

Leading infection prevention research that continues since its fundation

SARAYA leading infection prevention research that continues since its fundation.Since its foundation in 1952 Saraya started developing Shavonet, a medicate hand soap that washes and disinfects at the same time, and medical disinfectants such as alcohol sanitizers for hands and medical equipment. To this day we continue to lead the research in disease infection prevention.

Focusing on the milk protein "lactoferrin"
involved in infection prevention on mamals

Lactoferrin Lab. focus its research on the milk protein From an "infection prevention hygiene business" to a "health business".
Since the immune system, our biological line of defense, is deeply involved in the creation of a healthy body that is strong versus infections, we have started researching new components that enhance that power.
From those investigations, we started paying attention to the milk protein "lactoferrin", which has important functions to protect mammals' newborns from infection, and is closely related to the immune system.

Discovering the wound healing effect of lactoferrin

Lactoferrin is usually taken orally in products such as baby powder milk or yoghurt to enhance the immune system, but while we were staying wounds that are difficult to heal due to skin infections, we decided for a completely new approach: What if we use lactoferrin on the skin? What results will we get?
In 2008, in collaboration with the Pharmaceutical University, we discovered that when applying a highly concentrated lactoferrin solution to the injured epidermal cell models it triggered a healing of the wound within 48, winning us the 3rd Japan Lactoferrin Society Award for it.

Starting "SARAYA Lactoferrin Laboratory" and product development

Mr. Yasushi Suzuki, Head of laboratory leads the SARAYA Lactoferrin Lab and colleagues.SARAYA Lactoferrin Laboratory was established in 2012 order to put the latest research results of wound healing into practical use.
Mr. Yasushi Suzuki, Head of laboratory is a global expert who received a doctorate of Lactoferrin from the University of California, Davis. Together with newest research results and technology, he and his team are working on the development of lactoferrin products that will be useful for any age and skin. Expect the highest results from SARAYA Lactoferrin Lab.